Rent your motorhome for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


Motorhome owners, motorhome drivers, Camping Car Youngtimers, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are approaching. They take place from 26 July to 11 August 2024, mainly around Paris. This is a fantastic opportunity to hire your motorhome at high prices, as accommodation costs are soaring to accommodate the 15 to 20 million tourists who are already flocking here in huge numbers during this summer period.

Hotel room prices have risen by a factor of 7 or even 15 in the heart of Paris. A single room for 2 people in a first-class hotel (one star), usually sold at 60 euros at this time of year, is already more than 400 euros!

With Quicky Easygo and Camping Car Invest, owners of vans, converted vans, capucines, profiles or A-Class motorhomes who have entrusted us with the management of their vehicle will be able to collect substantial income over a short period. Our motorhome fleet is located close to Charles de Gaulle airport – the main gateway for foreign tourists – which gives us a strategic advantage. That’s why we offer a motorhome rental package with a TOP comfort pitch less than 30 km from Paris for 480 euros per day.

There are many advantages for our Olympian renters compared with traditional rental accommodation of any kind (hotel, gite, bed and breakfast, etc). The price is much more attractive: it is divided by 2 or even by 3 in some cases, bearing in mind that several people can be accommodated in a motorhome (2, 3, 4 or even 5 in some cases). Since a motorhome has a built-in kitchen, you can also cook for yourself at a lower price than in a hotel, where everything is charged at a higher rate.

So mobility is a plus compared with nights in a hotel residence, because the motorhome can also be used as transport to get you to the spots in Paris, the Ile de France and other sites in France. And above all, your base is in an idyllic setting, in the heart of nature, with playgrounds and lakes for swimming, so you can experience the Olympic Games, all within easy reach of the sports venues and Paris.

So, motorhome enthusiasts, if you want to make your vehicle a major source of income during this exceptional event, where demand is very high and prices stratospheric, entrust your motorhome to us for a turnkey service. We’ll take care of everything so that you can hire out your motorhome with complete peace of mind. The income generated can reach 7,500 euros in 2 months (gross income, less our services and concierge fees).

After the traditional Olympic Games, you should also take advantage of the Paralympic Games, which take place from 28 August to 8 September 2024. We have estimated the average income from a motorhome at between €12,000 and €18,000 per year.

So don’t hesitate and take action now to make the most of it.